The Village Of Lansing And Its Airport: Past, Present, Future

By Robert R. Malkas
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The Village of Lansing and Its Airport is a history of how the Lansing Airport was developed into what it is today. This story looks at the fascinating and often underappreciated ways that it served the people of the Village of Lansing and the entire Chicago Southland. While the book tells the history of events in the airport’s development, it also provides a guided virtual tour through the pages of history and gives the reader an opportunity to participate as if they were actually reliving the experiences. The book is designed to revitalize the planned development of the airport in a format not typical of a historical memoir.

About the Author

Robert R. Malkas currently resides in Lansing, Illinois. When he first moved there, he went to sleep every night under the first ever airport rotating beacon atop Henry Ford’s Hangar at the Chicago Hammond airport. He came to believe he was being sent a message from Henry Ford himself about his contributions to the history of aviation in the United States. Malkas accepted this challenge and became the first chairman of a village commission assigned the task of managing the Lansing Airport’s growth. He was later appointed airport manager and served in that position for twenty-three years until his retirement in 2008.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32

Customer Reviews

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Darlene M. Kadar
The Village of Lansing Past , Present and Future

What a wonderful story of dedication and commitment. It is inspiring and a treasure to know the back story of this historic place, A must read.

A Wealth of Information and History

It is evident by the wealth of information that Mr. Malkas shares in this book that he is a true historian of the Village of Lansing and its airport. The book is well-written, and I love the pictures that are included. It makes you wish you could have been there to experience it in person.