The Upside Of Down

By Joel Bernard
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About the Book

We are facing a critical juncture in our societal order.

Weather conditions are forcing communities into life altering scenarios. Regions of the country will no longer be capable of sustaining human activity. Mankind is at a tipping point, and we will have to decide whether to continue ignoring nature’s warnings or live with the consequences. The Upside of Down explores the changes to social order caused by climate disruption and the need to plan for the necessity of population relocation and our ability to provide help to displaced communities.

About the Author

Joel Bernard has committed his life to environmental stewardship. He enjoys gardening, planting trees, and exploring the integrated systems of our natural environment. Bernard is a member of the Long Tom Watershed Organization, Environmental Action, Community Action, Community Conservation, and Sister City Communities. Bernard has been involved with disaster relief and related housing issues for over fifteen years. He remains an active member of local government. He lives in Oregon, is married and has three children.

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Published: 2021
Page Count: 378

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A poem for mickey: and 8 billion residents of planet earth

The upside of down book very interesting, the poem makes you feel like a big Wow!!.