The Unruly Soul

By VampyItalian
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She is the calming of a summer storm.

She picks up her sword swinging it at every obstacle that comes before her.

She may get knocked down once or twice, but she gets back up to begin her fight. She’s as strong as mother nature intended her to be.

She may be quiet, but she is also fierce.

She’s not weak by any means.

She’s poetic with words of love,

The author has experienced grief and pain. She has bipolar, depression, and anxiety, and knows the struggle to survive each day can seem overwhelming. In The Unruly Soul, she explores and confronts her pain and broken dreams, finding and celebrating occasional flashes of joy and love.

In rich and vivid reflections, she writes about her battles with the inner demons of depression and anger, as well as the fight to feel heard and understood. Smalls rays of light from her family and pets give her enough strength and hope to continue.

Intimate and universal, filled with powerful imagery, The Unruly Soul is brave exploration of mental illness.

About the Author

The author is the mother of four beautiful children. Her parents are her main support system. Without her family, she would not be the strong women she is today. Writing poetry is her passion and she uses it to explore her bipolar, depression, and anxiety. She writes to make sure that no one feels alone in their struggle.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 30