The Universe, God, And Us

By Provident G. Peterson Jr.
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About the Book

Provident Peterson, a high school dropout, has the insight to explain the universe, of which we are all a part. What you read in this book may not be acceptable to the scientific community. But no one can say that Mr. Peterson does not have a reasonable idea about the universe, God, and us. At the very least, right or wrong, he has the desire and the will to contemplate the reality of what life is all about and to not be a slave to the fantasies and distractions of an idiot box TV set.

The human race has to cease being a herd of couch potatoes and wake up to the truths of what is really going on in life. We humans continue to believe and insist that we are all there is, that our planet and solar system are the epitome of all existence, and in our ignorant vanity we fail to recognize, acknowledge, or even contemplate the fact that we are only a very small, insignificant part of something that is so very, very much more.

Unity as a planet, rejection of a stock market and money and, above all, understanding of the universe and our place in it is our only chance for salvation!

About the Author

A resident of Arlington, Virginia, Provident Peterson retired after thirty-five years of service to the U.S. Government. Aside from writing, he also enjoys being a professional artist.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 92