The United States Army Ground Forces During The Interwar Years 1919-1941: Infantry Cavalry Field Artillery Coast Artillery

By MSG Jim Irwin (Retired)
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 “Unique, seminal, impressively informative, well written, and thoroughly 'reader friendly'…will have a particular relevance and value for readers with an interest in the history of the US Army during that time span. Of special note are the insignias and pictures that reflect and illustrate the era.” – The Military History Shelf, The Midwest Book Review

The United States Army Ground Forces During the Interwar Years 1919-1941 covers the period of the Interwar years 1919-1941. It is intended for individuals interested in US Army history of that era. Insignias and pictures lend to the experience of the era.

About the Author

MSG Jim Irwin (Retired) is a retired community college professor. He taught business and technology courses. He served two years in the US Army during the Vietnam war, and spent another twenty-seven years in the Indiana Army National Guard. His biggest hobby is reading fiction and non-fiction alike.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32