The Unexpected Visitor From Grandma's Pants

By Lisa Hunt, Illustrated Sage S. Serrano
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On her ninth birthday, Arielle excitedly prepares for her party and the arrival of her Grandma Wawa. Along the way she encounters a Chihuahua teaching a dance class, a grumpy bumblebee, and a whole host of other crazy critters. But nothing is more surprising than the visitor who comes along with her Grandma Wawa. This book will be loved by children of all ages, especially those with a vivid imagination!

About the Author

Lisa Hunt grew up in San Diego. After serving with the United States Navy, she obtained her Masters in Business Management, and is currently pursuing Culinary Management degree. She is also a violinist with the San Diego City Ballet, and is the author of two other books: Lizard in Grandmas Pants and One Salute Too Many.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 40