The Unaborted Children

By Roy J Chauvin Jr.
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About the Book

The author seems to place a dim view on the parenting skills of today’s parents. All parents struggle with decisions regarding their children; some have model children, who need little or no guidance, while other parents are tormented by their children’s mistakes and path. According to the author he was responding to God’s calling in caring for these children. He frequently called upon God for guidance, never giving up. Whether Christian or not, parents are obligated to care for their children. If they fail as parents, society suffers. Lack of respect, dignity and immorality only serves to create a chaotic imbalance in society, which has far-reaching negative consequences.

Abortion is a very controversial and unnerving part of today’s world. Christians say abortion kills one of God’s greatest gifts, however, do all treat this gift as coming from God? Redundant questions seem to boggle the minds of all as God looks down. Christianity refers to people as God’s adopted children, yet many of these children are abandoned even by Christians. The author, in his small circle of children, pondered the question of abortion. Distasteful as it may be, these children are the unaborted children. Society, and Christians alike, have failed to heed God’s calling to care for these children. There should be no homes with eight of these unaborted children. Christians, who abhor abortion, should be lined up with outstretched arms to do God’s work. Don’t rationalize your excuse by saying, “I can’t do that.” What if Jesus said, “I can’t die on the cross.” Don’t tell the author and his wife they have a special place in heaven. They just responded to God’s calling. Are we truly listening to God’s plea?

There you have it, a choice to accept God’s call, much like the mother’s decision to abort the child or not to abort the child…. God’s Gift of Love.


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Published: 2022
Page Count: 228