The Two Kingdoms: Contenders Of The Soul Of Humankind

By Dr. Justin Ngambu Wanki
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The Two Kingdoms: Contenders of the Soul of Humankind relates to eternal salvation (Heaven) and damnation (Hell) and how the soul plays a central role in determining in which of the two kingdoms humankind ends up. God created humankind in His image and entrusted them with dominion. However, in the Garden of Eden the Devil cunningly sowed doubt in Adam and Eve—humankind’s mind—and took them out of salvation when they failed to keep their faith in God. The mind was what stood between what God told them and what Satan made them believe. The mind appeals to thoughts, which are part of the soul. As a man thinketh in his heart (mind, soul), so is he. Curiously, Jesus—the last Adam—was sent back into the world to return the salvation and dominion taken away by Satan so that humankind can be saved again. However, every humankind is now inclined to undertake an individual action or response to the call of Jesus Christ. Anyone who puts his faith in Christ, will live a more fulfilling life on earth with the aid of the Holy Spirit who dwells within, and will end up in the eschatological kingdom of God.

About the Author

Dr. Justin Ngambu Wanki is a constitutional law scholar. He has been involved in scholarly work in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia. He is the co-founder of Foundation Africa International (FAI), a pan-African movement based in South Africa with the vision of creating a new mindset in African youths so that they are instrumental in the plan to rebuild a new Africa from scratch. He is a bible teacher and has served as the senior pastor of a family-based non-denominational Christian church in South Africa.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 144