The Twinkle In Her Eye

By David A. DiPesa
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Gwendolyn is every man’s dream turned nightmare. But although she is beautiful, charming, and seemingly normal by all accounts, every man who encounters Gwen meets his own deadly demise. When the police start investigating the horrible crime scenes, they discover there’s more to them than meets the eye. Besides trying to solve the crimes, they are also attempting to solve the mystery of who this Gwen woman really is. Could she, in fact, have had something to do with them?

About the Author

David A. DiPesa is a pianist, writer, and avid concertgoer. He currently lives in Massachusetts with his green cheek conure, Kiwi.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 68

Customer Reviews

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I bought 2 books one for me, another sent to my friend for one gift , both of us loved the story ...

Excellent !

Gwendy is More Than Meets the Eye

This tale reads like a suspense thriller, keeping you turning the pages and eager to figure out what is happening. It’s clear the recent suicides are connected but how or why they link back to innocent and beautiful Gwendy is the true mystery.

This book is more than meets the eye as I found myself so sure of the answer only to be completely wrong (in a good way). It’s a tale woven between realms that will keep you asking questions right alongside Detective Stowell. Be prepared for an ending that will leave you wanting more.