The Truth: Little Shakespeare Tragedies

By Katie M Edwards
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The Truth lays out the truth of abusive relationships to which so many of us fall victim. The healing process is the messiest part and also the most rewarding. In the end, when you are able to take the broken pieces and put them back together, you achieve a new outlook on life itself.

Katie M Edwards tells her story to share hope and encouragement, and to showcase the realness that so many people avoid sharing. Every story is different and there is always a way to heal; sometimes you just have to learn exactly how to heal. Survivors often get asked "why?" and Edwards hopes by the end of this book you are able to understand your own why and feel empowered to get up and live the life you deserve.

About the Author

Katie M Edwards is a full-time travel model from Tyler, Texas, with a goal to make changes in the world. She is the youngest of five, two girls and three boys, all with very different interests.

Edwards loves to spend Friday evenings out dancing. Being from Texas, Edwards loves to country dance, but any sort of ballroom-partnered dancing will have her out all night.

Most of Edwards’ time is spent traveling or exploring new parts of a city, getting to know the local side of a tourist destination. You can often find her eating sushi on the beach in Miami.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 118