The Triumphant Journey

By Yvonne Jeane-Theresa Person
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Life is a journey, with many ups and downs. Although we all must make our own way, there are many feelings that are universal and many issues that touch us all. In The Triumphant Journey, Yvonne Jeane-Theresa Person expresses these common struggles through her rhythmic, rhyming poetry.

Some of the poems discuss personal topics, exploring the delicate balance of interpersonal relationships. Some of them delve into greater issues that plague society, such as crime, drugs, and prostitution. Still others portray everyday situations, such as a job interview, bringing a special touch by examining both sides of the situation in a pair of poems.

Throughout the work, Person maintains an optimistic outlook and a hope that lifes journey will bring wisdom, understanding, and happiness.

About the Author

Now a fulltime writer, Yvonne Jeane-Theresa Person is also trained in the culinary arts. A Detroit native, she currently resides in Romulus, Michigan, with her four children. In addition to writing poetry, she enjoys historical programs, art, and listening to inspiring music. She hopes that her collection of poetry will inspire people who are successful in lifes journey and people who feel helpless in their journey of life.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 74