The Tipping Point

By Justin Roberts
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Ishwar Dhoni, a diplomat with a pleasantly undemanding job in twenty-seventh century Europe, is sent on assignment to the Earth Administration’s outpost on the North American continent after getting too close to his superior’s daughter. In North America, Ishwar finds himself on the outskirts of a civilization that collapsed five hundred years earlier. Through his reading and discussions with others at the outpost, he discovers a society that began to worship both God and guns with equal fervor — and continues to do so. As Ishwar and his new love interest, the archaeologist Carmen Loure, venture away from the outpost to learn more about the civilization, they encounter civilians trying to flee North America — and also the people hunting them.

The Tipping Point is both a gripping thriller and a thoughtful analysis of the United States’ present-day gun culture.

About the Author

Justin Roberts lives with his wife, dogs, and cats on an idyllic stretch of the Oregon coast.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 328