The Time Watchers

By F. Henry Peters
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What if the fate of humanity depended on the relationship that developed between an obscure martial arts instructor and an insecure teenage girl? And what if they never met? 

Imagine you had never met your mentor, who guided you through your young years, or your friend who stood by you through difficult times. Your life may have turned out quite different if people had not been there to offer advice and support. These things seem trivial in the grand scheme of the world, but let us put the philosophy on a historical level.

The Time Watchers shows us all these events would have had a dramatic change in the world’s history had the outcome been different. Yet all of them were dependent on decisions made by people who could have chosen another way.

About the Author

F. Henry Peters is on the Board of Directors for his Homeowners Association.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 572