The Thirteen Unknown Stones

By Buddy Rich
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Victor Spencer is an average guy. The thirty-five-year-old lives in a peaceful suburb near his parents, not far from the phone company where hes worked for ten years. His is a quite life, one in which his dog and books provide him with all the companionship he desires. But when Victor receives a book called The Thirteen Unknown Stones one Saturday morning, his life changes forever. The book, sent by the mysterious Mr. Hobart, tells of thirteen stones, originally created by God for the protection of humanity, but lost to Lucifer before the world was even created. Most are scattered throughout the netherworld of Baggadon, a landscape much like Earth, but populated by very different creatures. Victors adventures transcend time and space until they lead him to the final, harrowing battle with the forces of Hell itself. Failure at any point means the annihilation of the universe. This is a story of Heaven and Hell, of good and evil, triumphs and adversity, and, ultimately, the sacrifices ordinary people make to accomplish the extraordinary.

About the Author

A cook by trade, Buddy Rich decided to try his hand at writing when he was recovering from an accident. Besides writing, he enjoys flea markets, cooking, crosswords, and reading. He currently resides in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 88