The Third Of Three

By Jim Graves
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“…We made our way to an ICU area where we were told we could see our baby, the shade was pulled. This is how the word terrified came to be…”

“As the patrol moved through the seemingly vacated camp, a first warning was the quiet. The din of the jungle missing.”

The Third of Three follows the stories of and by the author. He starts with relatable family experiences from childhood to retirement, and evolves through a mosaic of interesting people Graves has met in his life. None of the people in the story are famous, but show how remarkable the people you encounter in everyday life can be, and how everyone has a story, worthy of being told.

About the Author

Jim Graves and his wife Penny (author of Do you Ever Wonder When You Go to The Zoo, What the Animals Think of You) live in Albany, Wisconsin.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 110