The Tenth Of Never

By Randa Gedeon
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In this exciting finale of Randa Gedeon’s trilogy, readers will experience the adventurous tale of Bea and Martino. As the story follows them to Paris and Rome, an interesting discovery is revealed to these two characters. As the story takes place in the present, the consistent flashbacks that Bea presents keep the audience wondering what may happen next.

About the Author

Randa Gedeon is a writer of screenplays and short stories. As a student of film, she manages a film review blog when she’s not writing romance mystery stories. She enjoys traveling, reading, and music. She lives in London, United Kingdom. The first two books about Bea and Martino, Read All About It and Beatrice’s Journey: MaMonamour, are also available from Dorrance Publishing.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 144