The Technocolours Of Sally Mcnally: The Big Move

By Christine Motriuk
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Sometimes its not easy to tell what another person is feeling. But with Sally McNally, you can always tell because she turns colors! Eight-year-old Sally doesnt like that she and her mother have to move out West, away from her cozy farm life. She doesnt like change, and anyone can tell since she turns a shade of blue!

Sallys mother introduces her to the cheery staff at the daycare, but all Sally can think about is her life back home on the farm. She escapes out to the yard and finds herself in the middle of a new adventure. Will Sallys colors show true happiness once and for all?

About the Author

Christine Motriuk was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Christine has spent many years working with children, which inspired her to write this book. Through it, she hopes the children will gain a better understanding of their emotions and the freedom to express them.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 34