The Tao Of Chakras

By Daisy S. Zachariah MD
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Our broken system has led to unnecessary stress and suffering. Life is to be lived with joy and integrity! Each of the seven chakras expands on a different facet of living. Follow along with a stimulating perspective on healthy and mindful living. Through medical relevance and the use of neurobiology, you will understand how the body and mind work. With this newfound understanding comes acceptance and novel ways to cope with human foibles and shortcomings.

The Tao of the Chakras: On Living a Holistic Life contains multiple layers of insight and wisdom with the means to greater health and well-being. Illustrations, photographs, inspirational quotes and meditative exercises guide you through a structured and organized wealth of information, resulting in the message of holism: seeing the self as a whole, precious being, interdependent with all of nature and the cosmos.

About the Author

Daisy S. Zachariah MD graduated from the University of Singapore and obtained licensure as an MD in the United States of America. In addition, she is board certified in holistic medicine and has practiced the art of medicine for the last forty-five years.

In an effort to live by her own words, the author participates in yoga and Tai Chi. She enjoys nature and solitude alongside ballroom dancing and Argentine tango. Her creativity and mental stimulation comes from her writer’s group. She is supported by the love of her friends and family.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 326