The Tale Of Simon The Squirrel

By Inicio Simul
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The Tale of Simon the Squirrel follows a squirrel named Simon in search of a magical key to unlock a mysterious forest door. Along the way, Simon meets many friends from different walks of life, and they all work together on an adventure to unlock the power within themselves. The friends encourage each other, lift each other up, and lend a helping hand to each other to realize their true power and potential.

About the Author

Inicio Simul wrote The Tale of Simon the Squirrel after attending an accelerated leadership course offered through National Vision. This conference offered Simul the opportunity to unlock the power to become a better, stronger leader. Simul possesses a deep desire for self growth, motivation to be better, and a desire to reach the unreachable. Simul is passionate about philanthropic capabilities and caring for communities.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32