The Super Squipard Backpack

By Angela Fink
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About the Book

On the planet of Amaglam there lives a great amalgamation of many different animals. Jerry Giramouse, a little boy who is half giraffe, half mouse, is off to his very first day of school with his brand-new Super Squipard backpack. On the way, a bully named Leonard, who is a Liger, tries to steal his new backpack but is thwarted by Jerry’s new friends Shawn, who is a Shebra, and Camille, who is a Chameloose. But that doesn’t stop the Liger. He continues to bully Jerry every day and finally steals his beloved backpack. Jerry, Shawn, and Camille come up with a plan to get it back: treat him with kindness!

The Super Squipard Backpack is a fun tale for children of all ages to enjoy and learn lessons on making new friends and learning bullies can be handled with kindness and may even result in a brand-new friendship!

About the Author

Angie Fink enjoys drawing, painting, acting, singing, making jewelry, and wood carving. She has acted in several community theaters throughout St. Louis and previously sang with the River City Pops and St. Louis Women’s Hope Chorale.

Angie is married to her husband of thirty-five years, and together, they have a daughter and a son, all of whom she loves dearly.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 32