The Sun Will Still Come Up Tomorrow

By Cherie M. Fields
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Traveling back to her grandmothers ranch in the Texas Panhandle, Megan OHara is determined to unravel the mystery surrounding her grandmothers sudden death. Megan, however, arrives under the ruse of a guest wanting to stay the summer at the ranch-turned-resort, which is being run by her long-lost aunt, Carol.

It doesnt take long for Megan to have more questions than she does answers. Why has the ranchs basement been boarded up? Carol said it was because of flooding, but Megan spent her childhood summers at the ranch and had never seen a flood. Who is this deputy with the twinkling blue eyes who knows why she is there and has agreed to help her? He poses as Megans boyfriend, but what is he really up to? And why does one of her grandmothers friends slip the deputy a note that says, Watch over our Angel closely! Her life is literally in your hands!

Things just dont seem to add up, but will Megan be able to get to the bottom of it before it catches up to her?

About the Author

Although Cherie M. Fields now resides close to her three children and eight grandchildren in Oklahoma, she grew up with her three older brothers in the Texas Panhandle, where The Sun Will Still Come Up Tomorrow is set.

Writing a book has been Mrs. Fields lifelong dream. After retiring from long-term care administration and accounting, her dream finally came to fruition with encouragement from her granddaughter. Mrs. Fields greatest treasure is her family; she wanted to write a book they could all enjoy.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 80