The Submissive Wife And Servant Man

By Jade' Grace
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A successful marriage requires the two partners to make an effort to see the other persons point of view and, in cases of intense disagreement, strive to find a compromise between two opposing opinions. Marriage is not a fifty-fifty proposition, as some believe; it changes on a daily basis some days one partner gives 90 percent, and the next day it could be 20 percent. It all depends on the situation and circumstances. With this in mind, Jade Grace penned the biblically based advice contained within The Submissive Wife and Servant Man. It may seem that the author is encouraging women to consider themselves inferior to their husbands and allow them to run their lives, but this is not the case. The reader is assured of this from the outset. Jade Grace offers the theory that if the husband is first submissive to God, he loves his wife more than himself and is a servant to his wifes needs. The wife will willingly submit to him being the leader of the home and love him more than he could ever imagine. With a relationship like the submissive wife and the servant man, the two will be harmoniously united as one with a common goal in mind; living as illustrated by experiences from the authors own life. If both parties are always striving to keep the other uppermost in mind, it can lead to a peaceful, loving, and kindness-filled union from which both will benefit.

About the Author

The author and family currently reside in Virginia where they regularly attend services at Faith Alive Ministries. Both husband and wife are employed, one works with the Visually Impaired and the other works for Courtney & Assosiates, as a land surveyor. They love the outdoors and believe that one day they will be in a position to give some of their time to Habitat for Humanity.

Published: 2005
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