The Story Of Lucia

By Joan Surace, illustrated Nancy Rockford
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About the Book

The course of true love never did run straight, and in this folktale of love found, lost, and at last made whole, Lucia finds the love of her life after trials and tribulations lead her through a twisted path to her blissful destination. You see, Lucias family is steeped with gypsy tradition, a tradition that allows your parents to pick your spouse with no regard for your feelings. When Lucia sees who her parents have picked for her, she escapes into the forest. After she loses her memory in a fall, she is rescued by Antonio, who, though not a monk, teaches children at a nearby monastery. The two fall in love, and the monks arrange a beautiful feast to celebrate. When Lucias brother finally finds her, her memory is restored, and she feels an obligation to her family. Will they allow her to marry Antonio? Will she convince them that her happiness matters? Or will they insist she follow their will? Follow author Joan Surace as she guides you through the winding path that is true love.

About the Author

A native of Italy, Joan Surace based The Story of Lucia on her experiences with the gypsies she encountered while growing up and on stories told by her father and grandfather and combined them with her love of writing. She currently lives in New Jersey and works as a retail manager. She and her husband, Vincent, have raised four children: Anthony, Rossana, Rene, and Melissa.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 32