The Story Of Liam: The Promise

By Mrs. Wedad M. El Hajj
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The Story of Liam

The Story of Liam is based on a long journey of agony and suffering experienced by two young boys who, for unknown reasons, found themselves abandoned; as a result, the harsh conditions they had to pass through taught them to confront the howling winds. They were able to learn how to survive and keep themselves safe away from all the temptations of the perilous streets. Though the events are so hard to believe, they are based on true events that took place years ago. In fact, the idea of the story sheds light on the importance of creating a loving and caring atmosphere in order to make sure that the family we aspire to have should be built on solid grounds away from the hatred rooted in some minds.

In a nutshell, the events of the story are not focused to live a certain dream with happily ever after; it is rather the sum of compiled efforts that made two extraordinary kids survive to start a family that is ruled by love and only love despite of all the complexes of the two boys, who turned into real men, acquired due to the severe conditions during their childhood.

About the Author

Mrs. Wedad M. El Hajj started working three years before her graduation from college, and now she is accused of being workaholic, but the fact is that feeling useless does not appeal to her while that sense of worthwhile comes from sharing your ideas and knowledge. She is a school principal whose dedication and commitment appears in everything she takes part in. She does not know the meaning of conflicts since her peace of mind has granted her enough strength to face harsh reality with patience and willpower. Reading and biking are hobbies that she practices during her stay in the mountains, where she receives a double energy due to the extreme serenity over there. Her kids have turned into two young fine engineers, whom she supports and encourages constantly, though they are mature enough to depend on themselves. This book is a promise that she should fulfill to relay the only message that the more we spread hatred, the more we sabotage our life. Spread peace!

Published: 2020
Page Count: 108