The Story Of Evan: A Christian Novelette

By Robert Curtis and Steve Eggleston
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This book was written by Robert Curtis and Steve Eggleston with the goal in mind to highlight some dilemmas Christians go through in life. With keeping trust in God and doing what is right, things turn out for the better.

“Do you give the horse his strength,

And endow his neck with splendor?

Do you make the steed to quiver

While his thunderous snorting spreads Terror?

He jubilantly paws the plain

And rushes in his might against the Weapons.

He laughs at fear and cannot be deterred;

He turns not back from the sword.

Around him rattles the quiver,

Flashes the spear and the javelin.

Frenzied and trembling he devours the Ground;

He holds not back at the sound of the Trumpet,

But at each blast he cries, “Aha!”

Even from afar he scents the battle,

The roar of the chiefs and the shouting.”

JOB 39:19-25

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 74