The Stormy Night

By Lisa Cochran
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The Stormy Night is the story of Barbie comforting her younger brother, Tommy, during a thunderstorm raging outside her bedroom window. As the frightened child snuggles deep under the covers, his sister creates a tale of where thunder, lightning, and rain come from to ease his fears and help him go back to sleep.

This story will help young children feel less scared about the loud rumbles and bright flashes and also guide older siblings on how to be a beacon of warmth, encouragement, and strength for themselves and others.

About the Author

Raised in a small town in Michigan, Lisa Cochran had an idyllic childhood. She loved school, read books, played sports, spent summers at camp, and hung out with a large "extended family" of friends (some with whom she’s still very close).

After attending Michigan State University, she moved to Kalamazoo, where she pursued an advertising and marketing career—writing, designing, and being an account executive for a department store, financial institution, community theater, and cereal giant—before returning to school for an elementary education degree.

Although she never did become a school teacher, she still loved kids and hoped to someday have some of her own. In 2005, Lisa married the man with whom she shares a brain (and a lot of laughs, love, and support) and became the stepmom to three very special loves of her life. About eight years later, they added an "adopted" daughter to the mix.

When she’s not following her creative passions—handmade paper, gardening, refinishing or designing furniture, sewing, or dreaming of home remodels—Lisa is watching movies, traveling, spending time with family, sharing drinks and merriment with the GGs or other close groups of friends, or being an avid fan of MSU sports.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32