The Stormbound Trilogy: Book 1: The Old Gods

By J.T. Berry
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Zachary Carol does not love being fourteen years old. At his prestigious new school, he is struggling in all his classes, and at home, his angry father is always on his case, criticizing Zach for not being the exceptional child his parents need him to be. On top of that, Zach does not exactly have a lot of friends… So when two strange boys show up at his school and tell Zach he may or may not be a child of the gods, Zach decides to leave his disappointing life and follow the boys to Stormbound, where gods roam and godchildren hone their magical powers.

With everything he thought he knew about the world completely flipped upside down, Zach is excited to embark on this journey, but there’s only one problem: Zach doesn’t have any powers...yet.

With a new evil threatening the universe, Zach will find out if he is really the only one who can save the world, or just an average teenager.

About the Author

J.T. Berry is currently a student at Southern Illinois University where he is working towards a degree in English Literature. After graduating, he plans to teach English and literature to high school students. Over the summers, while not in school, Berry volunteers at schools in need to help students gain a better education.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 286

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Purav Jha
Must Read!

Henry At the age of fourteen, Carol finds her life difficult. Zach is having trouble in every class at his new, elite school, and his irate father is always bitching about him at home for not being the perfect child that his parents want him to be. Furthermore, Zach's social circle is rather small. Thus, after two strange boys inform Zach that he might or might not be a godchild at his school, Zach makes the decision to leave his unfulfilling life behind and follow the boys to Stormbound, where gods roam and godchildren practice their magical abilities.