The Stories Of A Cowboy And Me

By Tammy Gilbert
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About the Book

The Stories of a Cowboy and Me is about Tammy Gilbert’s crazy life in the middle of Texas with her Cowboy, Maggie the cow dog, and a whole mess of cow poop!

About the Author

Tammy Gilbert began writing her blog,, in July 2017, and much to her surprise she’s stuck with it. It’s probably the fact that she never tires of poking fun at her husband, aka Cowboy.

Tammy never takes life too seriously and loves making memories with her family more than just about anything. She also loves to go on jeep rides with Cowboy, even if it means catching a few bugs with her lip gloss.

A devoted fan of cheetah print, she lives in Pidcoke, Texas (population: small), with Cowboy and Maggie the Cajun cow dog. Writing her blog has allowed Tammy to share her real-life stories from both sides of the cattle guard with her readers. Tammy hopes that through her stories you will find laughter in everyday life.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 62