The Split Second Integral: Supraliminal Velocity And Time Travel

By William Holland
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As mankind searches ever more and more deeply into the mechanics of the universe the old Newtonian physics reaches its limits. We find that Einsteinian or Quantum physics becomes the way forward, and that the language and the postulates of that physics becomes ever more arcane. Quantum concepts are not intuitively obvious and grasping them is a daunting task. This treatise leads the reader through the tangled concepts of space-time and explores its wonders. We learn of the great scientific breakthroughs that have been made already and catch glimpses of those that are yet to come. We see how what is presently impossible may indeed become reality as the physics is developed. Time travel, hyperspace, and even faster-than-light travel may yet become established fact rather than merely technical concepts.

About the Author

William Holland is a science fiction aficionado. His technical background in electronics has led him to explore the field of modern day quantum physics with the idea of exploring the possibilities that some of the standbys of science fiction could become reality. He is a native of Chicago and was educated at Morton College in Cicero, Illinois, but presently makes his home in Phoenix, Arizona. He is trained in martial arts, loves chess, and is single.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 40