The Spirituality Of Alcoholics Anonymous: Good Or Bad

By Daniel Irvin
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About the Book

The Spirituality of Alcoholics Anonymous: Good or Bad exposes the hidden motivations of twelve-step treatment centers and the complicity of the American government and society in supporting AAs deceptive practices. A thorough examination of Alcoholics Anonymous Twelve Steps and their accompanying Big Book is paired with a consideration of biblical teachings, revealing startling conflicts. Daniel Irvin questions the effectiveness of the twelve-step practice and challenges the organizations emphasis on a Higher Power of the individuals own choice. He argues that AA fosters idolatry, opposes fundamental Christian precepts, and is actually dangerous to those who are convinced to see themselves as incurable alcoholics. The Spirituality of Alcoholics Anonymous: Good or Bad encourages society to carefully examine currently popular treatment methods and provides a vital balance in addressing drug and alcohol addiction.

About the Author

Daniel Irvin is a native of Texas and currently resides in Louisiana with his wife. A United States Marine Corps veteran and the father of three children, Mr. Irvins interests include fishing and playing guitar. *Essential for every Bible believing churchs library.*

Published: 2007
Page Count: 90