The Spirit Of Life: The Legend Of Xavier

By Britney A. Matejeck
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Across the planet Adrian, dark magic is spreading upon the birth of an angel known as The Allia. The sole survivor of a race of angels and enemies of the demon lord Zxarvixar, a young Xavier witnesses the death of his mother by a fierce night dragon. Struggling to grasp peace and comfort, Zavier befriends the dragon, now called Nightmare, and is found by his new caretaker, Jacob Soars. He shows Xavier, through his teachings, that he is worth more than he thinks. With this, Xavier searches not only for love, but for his purpose. From here, two encounters change his life forever. His wife, Bonesella, and his closest, and most secret friend, Isaac. As he is caught between these two loves, Xavier discovers his true power – miraculous healing through surprising means. As he struggles to develop his power, he must fight to keep his family safe and find the strength to be true to himself and the person he loves most.

The Spirit of Life is a fantasy epic about overcoming anxiety, sexual awakening, and accepting yourself for the person you are. The characters reflect a broad diversity, with representation among LGBTQ+, POC, and disabled communities. It is, at its heart, a coming out story, told against the backdrop of an alien world of dragons, angels, starships, and magic.

About the Author

Britney A. Matejeck began writing tales in 2016, when she was 12 years old. The idea of different realities and fantastic worlds captivated her imagination. She visualized her story in 2017 without knowing she was embarking on a journey that will bring her to a new dimension. Her American-Uruguayan roots gave her a distinctive blend of cultures, letting her express in a unique way. Granddaughter of Eduardo Fabian, successful composer, winner of international prizes and recognized by Universal Music, Billboard, and ASCAP, in between others, she’s planning to follow his steps. Ms. Matejeck’s heart is also in the medical field and based on her experiences with the JROTC program, she plans on joining the U.S. Air Force. Ms. Matejeck is currently working on her second book right now. She lives on the east coast of the United States.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 386