The Spirit Book: A Testament Of The Final Days Before The New Days Begin

By C. B. Fisher
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About the Book

C. B. Fishers The Spirit Book: A Testament of the Final Days before the New Days Begin contains visions both frightening and reassuring: On December 19, 2016, America will be attacked...For the first time Americans will know the power of nuclear fission, he writes. This book also contains a warning to black and Native American people of upcoming social upheavals that will endanger their lives. The author invites us to experience the prophecies received through his communication with the Creek Chief Oktaharsars Harjo, who lived some one hundred forty years ago. But his book goes beyond retribution and offers redemption. Through its visions it speaks to a species two hundred years from now. With this writing, C. B. Fisher invites us to experience his own epiphany in the fulfillment of the purpose of life. If you wait to see in order to believe, it is already too late. The Spirit Book should be read by everyone alive.

About the Author

A graduate of the University of Colorado with a B.A. and M.A. in English and American Literature, C. B. Fisher is a retired teacher and journalist who is of African and Native American descent. He enjoys classic automobiles, animal husbandry, reading and collecting Native American art. C. B. Fisher is currently working on his next book, Oktaha Speaks: The Third Prophecy.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 54