The South African Virus Conspiracy

By Dr. Richard Clement
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Africa. Apartheid. Thierry, a young French doctor, besides delivering many babies, experiences many dangers ranging from a charging hippopotamus during a walking safari and threats from jealous husbands of unfaithful expatriate wives.

In the Ndola Hospital (Zambia), Thierry soon discovers that a group of South African scientists are developing a vaccine targeted at selectively reducing the Black population in the name of ‘White Africa’.

Will Thierry share in their goal and succumb to the financial gains or will he attempt to sabotage their project?

The amazing journey undertaken in this book will allow you, the reader, to discover the outcome.

About the Author

Dr. Richard Clement, a French medical doctor continues to be deeply curious about life and different cultures. His passion for travel has covered many miles with many smiles and has now visited 82 countries.

Realizing that life’s journey can be many things, whether it is tragedy or comedy he is happy to share with you, the reader.

Recognizing that racism has no colour, he proceeds to demonstrate this in this semi fictional account of a young French doctor suddenly confronted with African life in Eastern Africa during Apartheid.

Richard is also the author of Latin Fiancé Visa.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 184