The Sound Of Hills

By Frank T. Methven
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Big game hunting guides and their dogs live a life where they become in tune with the animals they hunt and the country that they hunt in. It is a solitary life, and there is always that dark edge of danger lurking in the background. They love the dogs that make their job possible. This is the story of one such man as he struggles to keep his family together while sacrificing himself to his career. These dogs risk their lives to save that of a child. The most compelling writer of dog stories since Jack London. - Pat Carlisle, columnist, America Cooner Magazine You are a gifted storyteller, and I enjoy a good dog story. - Clark Gable If you are one of the more than one hundred million dog lovers in the United States, you will enjoy these stories. - Col. William Rogers, columnist, Full Cry Magazine If you like dogs and adventure, and are unafraid of emotion, youll enjoy these stories. - Col. Ben Moore, columnist, Dog World Magazine You spin a tale like my grandpa, and he loved dogs, too! - Roy Rogers These dog stories are written with feeling, interest, detail, and knowledge. A must for every dog fancier. - Steve Herd, columnist, Bloodlines Journal Your story, Little Judy, hits as hard as Marciano. - Your friend, Archie Moore

About the Author

Frank T. Methven has lived in the Pacific Northwest for forty years and knows and loves it. He loves the dogs he so eloquently tells us about. Now retired and a widower, he often reminisces about his own experiences and tries to share his joy in nature with others.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 206