The Soul Traders

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About the Book

Ghosts, both good and bad, are not the real monsters of the world. More often than not, monsters are in plain sight as other humans. They are those who are indifferent to suffering, who erode others’ self-worth, and plant the belief that we are undeserving of love. People, like Lucas Dean Cane, absorb their own abuse and dish it out to others. Others, like Candice McKinnon, try so hard to do the right thing, they lose themselves in the process.

After all the tragedies in her life, Candice has the ability to communicate with her loved ones that have passed on. They attempt to guide her through life and encourage her to move forward. With their help and motivation, will Candice finally be able to find peace in her life?

About the Author

REMI lives in Norfolk County, Ontario with her dog and two cats. She has worn many hats throughout her life, from cleaning lady to factory worker to dental assistant. The one of storyteller is the hat that fits with the most ease. Twice a wife, twice a mother, and five times a grandmother has embedded experiences from which to draw when writing. Every moment of life is a reward in its own way.

The songs placed throughout the book are original songs written by the author, and can be found on YouTube under Rita MacIntyre plus song title. 

Published: 2021
Page Count: 304