The Soul Of A Sea Lady: "This Is An Inspiring Maritime True Life Story"

By Alesia G. Lozito/Sea Lady
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Is alluring, bewitching, addictive, strong, massive, boundless, sun reflects her smile, stars reflect her beauty, moon is her watchful eye, clouds are her warning, she is called, “Sea Lady”

About the Author

Alesia G. Lozito: I want to share my journey as a female mariner. Two wrongs never make a right! I defend the two wrongs that were done to me. Time is way overdue for women in the maritime industry. We will be respected; treated fair and work beside our fellow mariners and share the water with the same goal.

She’s calling her female Mariners to come and serve and protect!

Capt. Alesia G. Lozito/AKA Sea Lady

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 160