The Sock Thief

By Carol Kieda
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Many dogs steal owner's shoes. Carol Kieda’s dog, KiKi, favors stealing socks. Ever the sock thief, KiKi enjoys playing keep-away with Carol’s socks. She will come close to Carol, holding the sock, but as soon as Carol reaches for the sock, KiKi quickly runs off! Carol swears KiKi laughs the entire time!

About the Author

Carol Kieda loves books. As a child, she always had her head in a book. Carol loves creative writing, and she wanted to study English in college. However, she wanted a more practical career, so she became a blood bank technician, studying Medical Technology at Penn State.

Carol’s first job was in Magee-Women’s Hospital’s blood bank after graduation, and she loved it. Carol loved doing cross-matches for people needing blood. She spent twelve years working in various hospital labs before working in D.C. Red Cross, a bigger blood banking operation, providing units of blood to the hospitals and patients.

Afterwards, Carol continued her love of books and became a librarian, attending the University of Pittsburgh for her MLS. She now holds the following certifications and letters after her name: BS, MT(ASCP), BB, MLS, BS=Bachelor of Science, MT=Medical Technology; ASCP=American Society of Clinical Pathologists; B=a Blood Bank certification; MLS=Master's of Library Science.

In her spare time, Carol helps several animal rescue organizations by fundraising.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 32