The Snowlygaster

By Donna Tisdale
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Once a long time ago, beyond the two bluest mountains on the horizon, down Misty Lane that led between two giant hemlock trees, there lay a beautiful meadow. And in this meadow there lived a Snowlygaster. He was as big as a house, as high as a house, as long as a house, and as wide as a house. Never was there another animal as big as the Snowlygaster.

He had two heads! One like a horse's head with soft brown eyes and a flowing white mane. One like a dragon's head with flashing blue eyes and covered with green scales. This head breathed fire from its nose and mouth. No animal was ever kinder than the Snowlygasters horse head. And none was ever more ferocious than the green dragon head.

Now the Snowlygaster had eight legs, four like a horse's legs, and four like a dragon's legs. When he drew up his dragon legs and ran on his horse's legs, he could go faster than the wind. But when he drew up his horse's legs and stood on his dragon legs, the wind stopped. The earth held its breath. So powerful was the Snowlygaster on his dragon legs that he could lick any beast that lived then, or lives now, or ever will live!

About the Author

Born in 1924 at her grandmothers house in Chico, California, Donna Tisdale, her parents, and her two sisters lived in a wilderness logging town in Feather River Canyon, California. She enjoys being a part of Zonta International, a wonderful service club.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 92