The Sirius Connection

By B. L. Barger
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In The Sirius Connection, Maxine, a forty-something professional, finds herself violently thrust into the chaos of a war that has humans and a humanoid species from the Sirius constellation—who call themselves Guardians, fighting desperately to save Earth from a swarm of pestilence that has arrived from a parallel universe.

During the initial conflict, Maxine is injured and accidentally exposed to Guardian technology. Though this technology is forbidden to all except Guardians, in an act of compassion, the commanders of the Guardian fleet that has come to Earth’s aid—Kavi and Raffa Qatar, assume responsibility for Maxine. Together, they soon find themselves united in a struggle for survival in a post-apocalyptic world and against subversives from within. Then, in a final cruel blow, a second swarm threatens Earth, and Maxine and her Guardians must travel into the past to save Earth from final destruction. Will they succeed, or will they become trapped in time?

About the Author

B. L. Barger currently works in open-heart surgery as a perfusionist. Besides writing science fiction, she also enjoys painting and other creative pursuits. Brooke resides in Ohio, with her three dogs and cat. Her favorite place to be is relaxing at home with a good book and possibly a martini.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 346