The Silent Stalker

By Olaf U. Lieberg, M.D.
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Ours is a nation of poor nutrition, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and lacking in exercise. As a result, osteoporosis is becoming more prevalent, affecting over 40 million Americans—a staggering number comprised of both men and women—oftentimes with devastating consequences. A silent disease, for many, it remains undiagnosed until a fracture occurs, which can lead to dramatic changes, such as loss of independence or even death.

Designed to give patients hope, The Silent Stalker: A Patient’s Guide for Understanding Osteoporosis is a supplement to proper medical treatment, offering those diagnosed with this condition information crucial to understanding and combatting osteoporosis, leading to a more productive lifestyle with the possibility of reversal of the disease.

About the Author

Olaf U. Lieberg, M.D., is a retired board certified orthopedic surgeon, educated and trained at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. For 40 years, he was in private practice in Geneva, New York, taking care of numerous fractures in people of all ages, which sparked his interest in studying osteoporosis. In the mid-1980s, he formed the “Osteoporosis Clinic of the Finger Lakes,” where he lectured locally on many orthopedic topics, including osteoporosis.

Being at one time osteoporotic himself, Lieberg saw the need to educate patients on osteoporosis, the most common disease that will affect us all.

Lieberg, along with his wife Elaine, splits his time between the ocean in Juniper, Florida, and New York. He has a family of seven children and seven grandchildren, who live in Michigan, Massachusetts, and New York.

Published: 2018
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