The Shifter's Oath: Darkling Chronicles

By Jessica K. Schneider
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The Shifter's Oath:Darkling Chronicles

Up until recently, Sophia McKinley had what every girl wants: A great home and loving family. When a tragic accident rips everything she loves away, she is sent to live with an older brother she never knew existed; and that’s when the hallucinations start, tied to a past that Sophia doesn’t remember.

As she settles into her new, albeit confusing and a little bit frightening life, she meets Hunter, a Puck, who is inexplicably drawn to her for some reason.

As a Puck, a class of people considered by the other social classes to be worth less than dirt, Hunter is experiencing tragedy of his own as tensions rise between his Alpha and foster father, who is pushing the Puck clan to war. Whether civil or a between races, a war is brewing…

In Hunter’s search to find equality for his people without bloodshed, he finds his and Sophia’s paths crossing—again, and again, and again.

As the duo’s world is thrown into chaos, Hunter and Sophia find that their fates are intertwined, and they must work together to prevent an impending terrorist attack that will launch the races into full-scale war. Along the way, can Sophia discover the origin of her hallucinations and their deep connection to the past?

About the Author

Jessica K. Schneider enjoys drawing, and researching archeology and random events in history, as well as archery, wrestling, swimming and horseback riding.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 340