The Sharon Hollow Girls

By Bob R. Petts
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One never forgets ones first love, and if you are lucky enough to cross paths with that person again later in life, you can find yourself willing to weather almost any adversity to keep from losing love again. Such is the case with Bobby and Cindy Jean. As youngsters growing up in Sharon Hollow, West Virginia, they fell in puppy love at a tender age. Torn apart by circumstances not once but twice in their lives, when they finally find themselves in charge of their own destinies, they are determined to stay together no matter what the cost. However all is not love and roses and sweet nothingsbetrayal, bigamy, secrets, and vengefulness lurk in the wings, determined once again to tear the seemingly star-crossed lovers from each others arms. Gripping, sexy, touching, and thrilling, The Sharon Hollow Girls is Bobby R. Pettss modern-day version of Romeo and Juliet.

About the Author

Born and raised until he was eight years old in Sharon Hollow, West Virginia, Bobby R. Petts now makes his home in Jensen Beach, Florida, where he is a self-employed house painter, guitarist, and fisherman.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 60