The Sex Texts

By L. Robert Arthur
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: Sexuality, Gender, and Relationships in the Bible

For all intent, virtually all accepted mainstream Catholic Christian tenets remain untouched for the past two millennia. It follows then that we take for evident truthsfor example, our views on the Creator and creations sexuality, gender issues, and human relationship concernsmay in fact be nothing but establishment dogmas gleaned from wrong interpretation or translation of the original text and intent of Jesus Christ and the Bible authors. Now, isnt the mere chance of that being true too scary?

The Sex Texts: Sexuality, Gender, and Relationships in the Bible by L. Robert Arthur raises just that possibility, despite the strong likelihood of facing stiff criticism from many sectors, mostly of the established Catholic persuasion. Yet those inclined to know the true message of Jesus Christ and his closest disciples may well take heed to scrutinize, at the very least, what Robert is trying to point out in his work.

The Sex Texts: Sexuality, Gender, and Relationships in the Bible promises to raise a storm, but the public debate it could engender may yet start a new direction for the rest of humanity.

About the Author

L. Robert Arthur is a native of New York City. He finished his Bachelor and Master of Arts in Bible from the Bob Jones University.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 194