The Settlement

By Madjda Mouderres
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What if, as of today, humans have reached the peak of human advancement? What would you do, if you knew that the earth was on the verge of an environmental catastrophe…? The people of the West Assimilian tribe did not have that warning. But then again, they did not exist before the Great Wave. Their world started as the old one ended – over a 1000 years Post Great Wave.

Welcome to The Settlement – a Science fiction novel of a time period when the human race has once again blossomed. Life has become simple – uninterrupted by the technology that led to the Great Wave’s mass destruction in the first place. But, underneath the surface of this new world, dangerous secrets simmer like an idle volcano, ready to soon erupt.

About the Author

Author Madjda Mouderres spend most of her childhood emersed in story books. Ever since her mother read her Snow White, she was entranced. Mouderres first started her writing journey with poetry, inspired by the nature around her. But as her daydreams grew, she needed a new outlet for the stories she dreamt up in her head. With that, The Settlement trilogy was born. Mouderres graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, with an emphasis in Ecology and Evolution. It’s from these classes that Mouderres drew a lot of the inspiration for her book The Settlement.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 246