The Senses Of Existence

By Gvantsa Kereselidze
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When Celine Island meets Andrew Bolton at a World Defense Organization conference, she sees him as her legend, the man of her dreams. Andrew appears enchanted with Celine as well, leading to a romantic encounter at the conference’s end.

The Senses of Existence is a thoughtful, probing look at one woman struggling with her feelings and whether she can come to a place where she can enjoy life with or without somebody.

About the Author

Gvantsa Kereselidze is a native of the country of Georgia. She began writing poetry in the Georgian language at the age of fourteen. She wrote The Senses of Existence in English and is currently writing The Next Life, a Georgian-language novel that she hopes to translate to English as well. She has translated books for publication from English to Georgian, including Eat Pray Love. She also has worked in the aviation field for ten years.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 136