The Secret Bully Patrol

By Kathy Auman
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What would you do if you witnessed bullying at your school? For Olivia, Julia, Emily, Maddie, and me, the answer is…create the Secret Bully Patrol!

Even though the problem of bullying has been going on for ages, standing up for yourself and others really can make a difference. Through this book, you'll learn how one group of friends stood up to bullies, and how you can, too.

About the Author

Kathy grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she saw bullying going on all around her. Later, Auman raised her family there and taught her children to stand up for themselves.

For years, Kathy was interested in martial arts, and she earned a few colored belts herself until she had to stop due to a family crisis. Nevertheless, she came away with a lot of life lessons other than fighting. She wants the kids of today to know that there is a solution to every problem and that no one has to put up with being treated poorly.

Auman now lives in Rotonda, West Florida with her husband and two of their eight grandchildren.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 30