The Secret

By Paul Rausch
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Jordan Delamain is a concert violinist who is going through a professional down period. But when he tries a new violin, his passionate playing and the sound of the violin skyrocket him to increased fame and attention. At the same time, the violin seems to have a hold on him that he can’t explain. As Jordan and his new romance, Luda, begin to investigate what could explain this enigmatic violin, they find themselves confronting an ancient art wrapped in mystery and danger. Meanwhile Jordan’s friends have begun to notice that many of their female colleagues in the classical-music world have had premature deaths or disappeared. Could this have a connection to Jordan’s violin? Jordan and his friends race to find the answer before more innocent people get hurt. The Secret is a page-turning thriller that thrusts readers headlong into a classical-music mystery that spans centuries.

About the Author

Paul Rausch is an amateur violinist who enjoys classical music. He has always been interested in the theory that the best violins sound so good because of the varnish. Considerable research in this area led him to write The Secret, a fantasized version of what gives violins great sound.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 540