The Second Coming Of Christ: The New Age Paradigm

By Greta McCullom Hawthorne
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In the earliest days of the United States of America, George Washington stated that America should not attempt to build a government without religion and morality. Today, we are unable to solve our social problems in our present state of knowledge of sociology. The current method of Western sociology lacks a core of moral values, so there is no knowledge for discerning right and wrong, good and evil. This lack of knowledge affects our religious, politics, education, and government. Author Greta McCullom Hawthorne seeks to fill this gap through The Second Coming of Christ: The New Age Paradigm and to place the United States as a world leader once again. The need for change is now to heal a world riddled with poverty, disease, and conflict.

About the Author

Greta McCullom Hawthorne is a retired certified master social worker and mother to four adult children. She enjoys gardening, fishing, community housing assistance, and day trips to North Carolina festivals.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 200