The Search For Ol' Cougar

By Donna Laut
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A lonely old man is exploring the forest he likes to hike in. He is looking for Ol Cougar. The old man is hoping to talk Ol Cougar into coming to his cabin, to keep him company. He offered Ol Cougar a warm and safe place to rest, up high on a beautiful rock ledge with a magnificent view of the forest. And Ol Cougar, weary and tired, accepted the old mans proposition. And the two of them shared many seasons together, savoring the peace and warmth of the cabin.

About the Author

Donna Laut is a retired elementary school teacher, and she taught for twenty-eight years. She has masters degrees in art and elementary education. She enjoys painting, drawing, spending time in the wilderness, and writing poetry and childrens stories.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 36