The Same Inside

By Trevor Witchey
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Follow the adventures of five kids who are from different families or parts of the world as they discover how similar they really are to each other.

Inside of us, we are all the same from the air that we breathe, the blood flowing through our veins, and other vital elements inside that are overlooked for what is on the outside.

About the Author

Trevor Witchey works in the financial industry and is a proud family man who frequently reads to his children from the built-up library of what he deems are all-time great children's books. Growing up, he enjoyed drawing and creating for art and design classes but never pursued it as a career endeavor. During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, Trevor began drawing again with free time from quarantines and eventually tried to put together children's books.

The Same Inside came from Trevor Witchey daydreaming during a past Presidential inauguration and wondering what he'd say if at the podium to address the American people. The daydreaming would suggest that as President, he'd indicate that everyone was the "same inside" from the air that we breathe, blood flowing through our veins, bones or organs inside us, etc. despite what appears to be differences on the outside of people.

The author and illustrator of this book is a graduate of Ohio University with a Master's in Economics and has worked in the Banking industry for many years. His favorite artists are Al Jaffee, Don Martin, and Sergio Aragones from MAD Magazine for some inspiration though great art teachers and family members with artistic abilities have also been an influence. Pete the Cat and Dr. Seuss books have been an influence for style and presentation for producing a children's book.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 36